Annoying Things.

when life happens
  1. when I forget. my homework. @ school.
  2. when I need to tell someone a secret but can't because ITS A SECRET
  3. when there's so much good food but I'm full
  4. when there's so much good food but everyone stole it from me
  5. when I'm young and can't do much
  6. when I'm old and can't do much
  7. when the playground slide is too small
  8. when all my earbuds are broken
  9. when I'm tired and have so much to do
  10. when my heart breaks because my siblings bully me sometimes
  11. when I have to read something
  12. when I have homework
  13. when Facebook happens
  14. when I forget things like come on brain seriously
  15. when my siblings tell me they have no homework
  16. when my dad squeezes my arm and tells me I need to lift
  17. when I forget I made tea and it gets cold for the 4th time
  18. when I burn my tongue
  19. when my sister keeps turning off the keyboard like can't you see I'm playing
  20. when I talk to much about myself
  21. when I talk to much to myself
  22. when people kill all the animals like endangered species is every species
  23. when I procrastinate
  24. when morning comes
  25. when the bus comes
  26. when I have to put on nice clothes after living my previous life in pajamas
  27. when brother says, "babe no!!" / sorry I rejected you
  28. when we eat all the brownies
  29. when drama happens
  30. when I can't think of anything else
  31. when my bae doesn't text me back right away
  32. when I remember I don't have a bae and will probably be forever alone