This list was either going to be my top 3 or my top 30, so here are my top 3 current favorite coffee shops in the City of Roses.
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    Sterling Coffee Roasters
    When my friends visiting Portland ask me to take them to my "favorite little coffee shop," this is the first place we'll go. Emphasis on the "little." While the physical shop is on the smaller end, you shouldn't be discouraged from getting your cappuccino "for here" and taking a seat. Table sharing is encouraged in the Sterling community. Their roast is superb, and potentially my favorite in all of Portland.
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    Cathedral Coffee
    Situated in the territory of the UP Pilots, this coffee shop provides a great, cozy environment for both students and other coffee lovers alike. There is plentiful seating, with comfy chairs nestled between bookshelves and spacious tables made out of naturally shaped wood. Their pastries are all baked in-house, and they pair well with the espresso Cathedral serves (compliments to Tanager Roasters in North Portland).
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    Coava Coffee Roasters
    When Jerry Seinfeld took Fred Armisan to Coava for his internet show "Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee," he couldn't have picked a better shop to highlight. Coava is situated in a warehouse featuring some phenomenal woodworking. On a nice day, you can expect the rolling door to be lifted, creating a welcoming open-air feel. Their roast is one of the best around. While there is limited seating, my suggestion is to grab a cup to go and take a walk over the Hawthorne Bridge.