A list of podcasts I enjoy (listed in alphabetical order)
  1. Criminal
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    Deconstructs all things dealing with morality, law, and crime
  2. Death, Sex, & Money
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    A human interest show about the things you aren't supposed to talk about (i.e. death, sex, and money)
  3. Freakonomics Radio
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    If you've ever read "Freakonomics," then you'll fall in love with this accompanying podcast
  4. Guys We F#@$!d
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    A sex-positive podcast hosted by the comedy duo "Sorry About Last Night"
  5. NPR Politics Podcast
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    Political coverage from NPR
  6. On the Media
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    Looks at political media coverage through a somewhat liberal lens
  7. Mystery Show
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    Comedy show where the host solves faux-mysteries
  8. Science Vs
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    Scientists tackle common urban legends and misconceptions
  9. Serial
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    Sara Koenig investigates a crime/conspiracy in-depth throughout each season
  10. Stuff You Should Know
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    Show that sheds light on (you guessed it) the stuff you should know
  11. Star Wars Minute
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    Analyzes each Star Wars literally minute by minute
  12. Welcome to Night Vale
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    Soothing mix of poetry and science fiction
  13. Slate's Culture Gabfest
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    Great conversations about new movies and television shows