an app for people who like to make outlines
  1. Things I've promised God in exchange for street parking spaces
  2. A Virgin Suicides-style recounting of my past cell phones
  3. Products that tend to instigate checkout convos
  4. Intimate conversations I've had with Rite Aid cashiers
  5. Things 5-yr-old me knew about Santa (alternate title: a Waze-directed account of my relationship with religion)
  6. Things I should know without google but no longer do now that I'm no longer being tested on remembering them
  7. Next steps following admittance of a fucking problem
  8. Inverse correlations: data points from a movie's rating x my likelihood of crying in it
  9. Example constructive and destructive feedback received on our joint idea for an uber x tinder app
  10. Other apps that will inevitably merge with dating services and become greater than the sum of its parts
  11. Which buzzfeed quiz are you?