@miggles36 invited me to this app and suggested this list for me. This is my first list. I'm so nervous! Please tell me I did a good job even if I didn't.
  1. Think of something from your past that provokes strong feelings in you. Best if this thing is in some way. humiliating / in some way painful & also makes you laugh out loud to yourself.
  2. Start writing about that thing but change the names of the characters first. It's ok if the names are very close to the names of the real people. Just make sure they're a LITTLE different. Also change facts, events, etc. And make it theatrical in some way -- that's always good.
  3. Don't think very much while you're writing -- just write whatever comes into your head. If it makes you laugh some more out loud to yourself while you are writing then it is probably good.
  4. Finish writing the play. Read it over once and fix anything that seems bad. Again, don't think too much about this -- just trust your gut. It's ok if a lot of it is bad; it's a first draft.
  5. Send the play to at least one nice and smart friend friend who is not so nice that he or she won't tell you honestly what he or she thinks. Probably good to send to at least two friends so you can get more the one opinion.
  6. Hear it out loud at some point. Try to get good actors to read it for you. (There are a lot on List app which is convenient). You will want to change pretty much everything about your play. That's ok and you probably should. Keep trusting your gut.
  7. Keep hearing it out loud and sharing it and working on it and remembering it will never be perfect. This may take years FYI.
  8. Don't listen to criticisms or questions that feel kinda dumb. Do listen to compliments which is often the hardest part.
  9. After you feel your play is finished, write another play.