Photos that show up when I search my name

My name is Laurie and these came up in a photo search of my first and last name. I really don't understand what is happening here:
  1. This just seems wrong
  2. WTF is this guy?
  3. I have a distant relative who thought he was Hans Christian Anderson?
  4. I picked this one for the glow filter and that hair though!
  5. Dolls CREEP me out. This one is like 7 on the terrifying scale
  6. Congratulations on your stuffed pepper. You were so proud you put it on the internet...
  7. I honestly don't know what's happening here...high school art project?
  8. I tried my daughter's name
  9. CONCLUSION: The internet is weird and full of awesome throwback hairstyles; I'm still keeping my daughter off the web for as long as possible