1. Mom
  2. Dad
  3. Sarah
  4. Grace
  5. Janis
  6. Devin
  7. I am SMART
  8. My parents never said no to anything I have wanted to do for my future
    Even though it's expensive
  9. I live in a gorgeous corner of the earth
  10. I'm healthy
  11. I'm in control
  12. I'm not depressed anymore!!
    This is a BIG one
  13. I'm beautiful
  14. I'm physically mobile
  15. I have a job
  16. Not only am I passing, my grades are pretty good!
  17. My future is so bright! I can do anything I want
  18. I have a great flat
    And a new vacuum :)
  19. I'm understanding and compassionate and empathetic
  20. I have so much love to give
  21. I made it through mom's alcoholism and that should've fucked me up long term
  23. The boys are coming to visit :)
  24. Mama and I are getting a tattoo this summer