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  1. To have a few people on your side, looking out for you
  2. To go to a movie on a week night
  3. To be in on a surprise
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  1. Braces
    There was nothing cooler than seeing an older kid with a mouthful of metal, riding in the front seat of their mom's minivan.
  2. Emails
    That sweet, sweet sound of the robot telling me, "You've got mail." Now I have a few hundreds of emails waiting to kill me in my inbox.
  3. Driving
    I hate it now. Thank god I live in NY.
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  1. A mother racing a daughter (on a scooter) on the way to school.
  2. A Dunkin employee drinking Starbucks
  3. This dog
  4. This dudes rad cat backpack
Music I am listening to today
  1. Little Mix
    Their new album is v good
  2. Priory
    Put Em Up is the new anthem
  3. Francoise Hardy
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  1. 1.
    Pigeons are kinda gross
  2. 2.
    I don't really consider insects animals, but I still don't kill them
  3. 3.
    White rats are my biggest fear
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  1. 1.
    Sour Patch Kids
    A) Red B) Blue C) Yellow D) Green E) Orange
  2. 2.
  3. 3.
    Air Heads
    A) Red B) Blue C) White D) Green E) Lighter Green F) Orange
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I can't stop. And frankly I don't want to stop.
  1. The Way He Looks
  2. The One I Love
  3. Boogie Nights
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  1. The name of the receptionist at work, she is nice and also she activates your swipe card
  2. How the heck to use the coffee machine, and which roast you want, and how to make that decision quickly
  3. Which is more efficient: towels or hand dryer
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I am both ashamed and not ashamed about this list. I hate myself and I love myself. But I love coffee more.
  1. Hazelnut Coolata
    Too sweet for an actual coffee drink, but good as a treat yo' self kind of situation. Get a medium or smaller. Ain't nobody gonna finish a large without hurling your guts on the sidewalk.
  2. French Vanilla Iced Coffee
    Do you see all dat French vanilla at the bottom? Yeah, it was crazy. Not my fave. Felt like I was suckling at the teat of an extremely Parisienne Vache (cow in French, y'all).
  3. Hazelnut Iced Latte
    I'd put these in my body on the reg. How does Dunkin freakin do it? Impressive. And DUH I want whipped cream, I'm not a psychopath.
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  1. Christmas Airports
  2. Times Square H&M
  3. Alabama Rest Stops
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