1. The name of the receptionist at work, she is nice and also she activates your swipe card
  2. How the heck to use the coffee machine, and which roast you want, and how to make that decision quickly
  3. Which is more efficient: towels or hand dryer
  4. The work hours, because this isn't the Midwest
  5. The difference between ping, slack, email, cal, and gchat
  6. Rick, the guy on the hover board, is important and can answer many of your questions, including where to get a packet of sugar
  7. Smile a lot, even if it's not clear what you're smiling about
  8. Know the news and, maybe more importantly, know what people are saying about the news
  9. Optional events are optional if you have worked there for over 3 weeks, but if you haven't, go and talk to the first person that smiles at you
  10. Find the people who have been in your shoes most recently
  11. Use bookmarks in your browser
  12. If you get hungry, you absolutely should take a break because food is good and the place that you eat food is a good place to meet nice people
  13. Check your google cal often
  14. People have worked together for a long time, and they like each other, which is a good indicator that they will like you, you just need to be a little bit patient
  15. Some days you feel more accomplished than others, and that's good, because a win makes a loss feel worth it
  16. Rewarding yourself with coffee is a good trick
  17. Email people before you forget to email people
  18. Write everything down with a pen
  19. Plug your phone in during the day especially if your phone is integral to your job
  20. Deep breaths and hard work