Because everyone needs to know HOW weird it is.
  1. "Working on a beat that sounds like elevator music from Atlantis."
  2. "Making a theme song for a Cuban restaurant"
  3. "In the studio. This track sounds like babies in a blender."
  4. "DOPE session today. Some how made the sound of grass growing."
  5. "This hook is JUST a microwave. That's it. Just a microwave."
  6. "In the lab like 'Does this song need more rocket launch or rainbow sprinkles?"
  7. "It's just not really green enough you know?"
    Speaker immediately develops a Lennon-esque English accent when saying this one.
  8. "This next record is like Rihanna meets the Frozen soundtrack meets cable television."
  9. "In the studio with Cashmere Cat this shit is like 80s disco meets future bass Aztec rituals."