1. You need deodorant.
  2. Did you brush your teeth?
  3. Nobody wants to see your butt crack.
  4. Your voice is annoying.
  5. You are too fat for leggings.
    (Regardless of your weight, they still aren't pants).
  6. You are a bitch.
  7. If you listened to my question, listen for the fucking answer.
    (It was repeated 3 times before you asked).
  8. If you drag your finger through your ratty ass hair one more time, I will chop your wrist off.
  9. Your baby is ugly.
  10. You should take all the money you spend on shoes and use that to buy a new personality.
  11. Why did you ask me a question you knew the answer to?
  12. This is high school, if you get a question wrong you don't get to debate the teacher for the right answer.
  13. We all know you have a small penis.
  14. Glancing at the person you are talking about is a huge indication that you are a fucking idiot.
  15. Being popular doesn't automatically make you pretty or intelligent.
  16. I know you are my boyfriend but I suddenly forgot your name!
  17. Of course you need a title, it's an ESSAY.