so hard to # stayconnected
  1. it's really cold
    I'm wearing all of the clothes from my suitcase right now because the air conditioning is controlled by an "offsite facility"
  2. always late
    the bus arrived 3 hours past its scheduled arrival time
  3. shitty at communicating
    no one received any call/text when the bus would be arriving, and the mobile app definitely doesn't work
  4. shitty at communicating pt 2
    the only number you can call to get information is open until 9 pm eastern time but like 1/3 of buses leave after that
  5. kind of sketchy
    yesterday all of my credit cards got stolen while I was sleeping on a megabus, maybe I'm just bitter
  6. sometimes the buses break
    it's really bad when it does so in a place with extreme temperatures and people don't have adequate protection from the elements
  7. doesn't go to all cities
    I get this is part of their business model but it sucks that there are certain routes and hub cities