Have headphones in all day at work. As not to use so much data, I subscribe to a lot of pods. Here are the best:
  1. Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me/Fresh Air/This American Life
    These are NPR's best 3, the first being funnier than the final two. WWDTM is a quiz show that has different celebrity guests each show. Fresh Air is an interview with someone and This American Life is like the serial format, but they explore a different issue every week.
  2. The Dan LeBatard Show with Stugotz
    Sports radio, but not like the others. It's goofier than anything else on ESPN, but touches topics the other half of the time that no one else will go near. Dan and Stu have great chemistry and it's not the same bland takes that everyone else has on the day's sports news.
  3. The Champs
    Neal Brennan and Moshe Kasher interview black people. Seriously, this is all it is, but it's really funny.
  4. The Bill Simmons podcast
    Simmons appears to be refreshed to not be at ESPN anymore, and the same crew of goons (Cousin Sal, Jack-O, Joe House etc) are back to talk sports and pop culture.
  5. The Norm Macdonald Show
    Guys a lunatic at this point, but no one is able to recruit better guests, or be more entertaining.
  6. The Adam Carolla Show
    Ace doesn't hold back about anything, and there is nothing that he can't complain about. (Which he claims as a skill) Sometimes the guests are trashy and dumb, and those eps should be skipped over, but when you catch him on the right day it's the funniest show out there.
  7. Bodega Boys
    Everyone's favorite #blacktwitter members, @desusnice and @THEKIDMERO got a podcast. About time.