It asks for an introduction so I figured I'd start with an introduction of myself. Hello, my name is Hamp Dodd and the Merriam-Webster Dictionary definition for necessity is (noun) the fact of being required or indispensable. So without further adieu...
  1. A Bed
    A platform - cushioned, comfortable, blanketed, cozy. Layered as a Tex Mex dish with you somewhere in between. Just leave me some room in whatever layer you choose.
  2. Candles
    Not an essential but just an addition to the cozy factor. Maybe vanilla scented. Maybe ocean beach shore skyline on a fall winter scented. The idea of laying with you in candlelight is too much for me to even take in as I stand in this punk house kitchen drinking malt liquor and listening to awful bands in the living room.
  3. Sun Kil Moon or some kind of lullaby
    Any Mark Kozelek works. Any calming sound to have in my first real comfortable moment in a few weeks. Basically I want to take the songs I love and insert your face in front of me while I listen to them and find all kinds of new things in 'em.
  4. Alcohol
    'Cause I'm Hamp.
  5. Stories
    I want to hear the things I missed out on. I want to hear about the things that were there before me and the things you want ahead of you. I just want to listen to you say things.
  6. Hot tea.
    Hot tea would be fucking great.
  7. Gifts
    I want to give you the little knick knacks I've picked up along the way and kiss your smile after each one.
  8. A triumphant selfie
    The returning to a queen isn't something to be taken lightly.
  9. Every moment
    I want every moment we've got before sleep punishes us and I know there's a million other days for that but being smitten for two weeks straight and not being able to show you an ounce of it in person has been torturous. I have a lot to catch up on.
  10. And you.
    Cliche, sure. But you're something I don't really understand in the slightest but am immensely excited about. I want to ask you every question in the world. I want to find every thing that makes you happy and do each one. We're still strangers and I recognize that but something about has caught me up in you and I don't want it to stop. Me getting back that night is the start of, what I feel, is something special. And I couldn't be more happy about it.