One from each year leading up to this year!
  1. 2012 - Sunshine. Green grass. Cool breeze. I'm not a fan of exercise but I love watching other people do it.
  2. 2013 - Selfie during one of my favorite trips ever taken with my parents.
  3. 2014 - We would occasionally go to the mountains (in this case, the Lake Louise ski resort) with a bunch of our friends to snowboard. We haven't gone again since this picture was taken, mostly because we're lazy to drive 4 hours in the wintery roads. I wish we lived closer to this.
  4. 2015 - First time we hiked a mountain. This was the view on top of Tunnel Mountain in Banff. It was an accomplishment for me.
  5. 2016 - We rang the new year with this ring!