I like to show people random, useless pictures. Ask any of my friends. I am also a nosy person so I do enjoy other people posting what's in their purse or briefcase or backpack. I'd like to think there are people out there who would enjoy this list.
  1. It's a small purse but don't let it fool you - it actually holds a lot in it!
  2. Wallet, coin purse, and a cardholder (for all the membership cards every store seems to have these days).
  3. I need to document where I need to be and when both in this monthly planner and on my phone. I do this because my phone has crashed on me before and I lost every damn thing.
  4. A portable charger because I'm a millennial who can't live without her phone. Plus it has a built-in flashlight just in case.
  5. Products to keep my lips, hands, and eyes hydrated. The dry climate is not my friend.
  6. I would get sudden sore throat or sneezefest, so these are always in my purse.
  7. When not around my neck, it will be in my purse. I got a 15% discount for my yoga passes just for bringing this card. 😂