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  1. Adrianna is her real name
  2. But also Anna Mahy
    Am I right?
  3. Genuinely beautiful inside and out
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  1. Hugging your mother
  2. When someone else's dog learns your face and stops barking when they see you
  3. How excited your dog is to see you after work/school
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Gordo the Guinea is the fricken love of my life #goddamn
  1. He has that little scratch on his nose
  2. He kisses my cheek
  3. Squeaks
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  1. To represent my soul
  2. ☁️
    Because it is beautiful and soft
  3. 🙃
    Because it's like ye I am sad, but I can also act like nothing's wrong wit me
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  1. Water Under the Bridge//Adele
    And if I'm not the one for you/ You gotta stop holding me the way you do
  2. Could Have Been Me//The Struts
    I wanna taste love and pain/ Wanna feel pride and shame/ I don't wanna take my time/don't wanna waste one line/ I wanna live better days
  3. Lover Come Back// City and Colour
    How could I have been so foolish to let you leave
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  1. My sisters wig
    It's actually my gay brothers boyfriends wig. For Halloween he went as the Pumpkin Queen
  2. Blackmail
  3. Klaus
    My gay brother straight dog
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