1. Hugging your mother
  2. When someone else's dog learns your face and stops barking when they see you
  3. How excited your dog is to see you after work/school
  4. Local coffee shops
  5. Free high speed internet without a password
  6. The nervousness of a first date
  7. Holding hands with someone new for the first time
  8. Skin on skin
  9. Falling in love for the first time
    The intimacy of knowing another person as well as you know yourself
  10. When you hold a baby and (s)he doesn't cry
  11. When someone sees you in public and calls your name
  12. Homemade spaghetti
  13. Laying in your own bed after vacation
  14. The first swim in the summer
  15. Finding a new favorite book/tv show/movie/play/game
  16. Combing a brush through your hair and not pulling on knots