1. Tate Langdon
    Tate is weird and misunderstood and kinda killed a few people but he did it because he cared... he tries ya know?
  2. Misty Day
    She's a total hippy and she has great music taste. She just wants everyone to be friends and live peacefully in the woods And I totally love that she uses her powers to resurrect cute little animals
  3. Queenie
    She takes no shit and isn't afraid to say what she wants or fuck someone up
  4. Tristian
    He's destructive and likes drugs and has sweet dyed hair and I don't know if I want to be him or date him 😂
  5. Hypodermic sally
    Uncontrollably emotional chain smoker who never leaves her home? Literally me
  6. Iris
    She starts out kinda sad and lonely but develops into a badass killer. Goals. She even has 6 Instagram followers, seriously the girl's going places