No particular order they were all bomb af
  1. Slipknot at jones beach amphitheater
    Definitely the most hardcore concert I've ever been to. Also one of the most fun. The energy was like nothing I've ever experienced. I felt connected to every single person at the huge venue. The band put on an amazing show which included flying and rotating drum sets it was insane
  2. Panic! At the Disco at the theater under Madison square garden
    One of my all time favorite bands since forever. Seeing them was a dream come true
  3. The mountain goats at the Beachland Ballroom
    Props to @JacquelineW96 for getting me into them bc this show was probably the chillest concert experience I've ever had.
  4. Warped tour at jones beach
    I always look forward to Warped tour every summer. Being around hundreds of people who listen to the same punk and metal trash that I do is wonderful. There's a strong sense of community and I really love that.
  5. Beartooth at the Agora ballroom
    Beartooth is a band that always gets me through the rough days. Seeing them was such a surreal and emotional experience. It was so intense and loud yet I was completely at peace.
  6. Arkells at the grog shop
    I had never even heard of Arkells until @aray351 recommended them. I saw them in a tiny venue with a group of my very best friends and it was just magical.