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    Pro: no more school work
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    Con: real jobs and summer classes 🙃
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    Pro: spending time with my family
    I miss my goofy brothers and my parents cooking
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    Con: inevitably getting tired of spending time with my family
    Hate to admit it, but it will happen and it won't take long
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    Pro: seeing my friends from home
    Being away helped me to realize who I really want to stay in touch with and who wanted to stay in touch with me. No time or energy for fake friends 🙅🏻💁🏻
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    Con: being away from the amazing friends I've made at school
    High key terrified my people are just going to forget that I exist or realize that they're tired of me and just drop me 🙃 I haven't even left yet but the anxiety is setting in and i can tell its gonna take me for a ride this summer 💩
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    Pro: my own room
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    Con: my parents rules
    I've been living by my own rules for months and I gotta say it's absolutely beautiful. But at home, On a good day, my mom gives me a non negotiable curfew of 12am sharp. On a rough day she might track my phone and ground me for being an inch away from where she wants me to be. Super invasive and not fun👌 keeps me on my toes at least
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    Pro: no school/grades related stress
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    Con: after like 3 weeks tops my parents are going to be the new cause of my stress/anxiety
    All the reasons why could be another list in itself tbh 😂
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    Pro: making more money to waste on booze
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    Disclaimer: my parents really aren't awful I love them they just overwhelm me and I'm feeling shitty and needed to rant I don't want to sound bratty