Songs that got me through finals week

  1. All star, Smashmouth
    Ultimate jam for any occasion tbh. I blasted it on my way back from my last final today and just felt so free and happy it was nice ☺️
  2. Transpose, Bad Suns
    I can't even put into words how much I enjoy this song the lyrics are so good 👌
  3. The In Between, Beartooth
    My ultimate go-to power song. No matter how crappy I feel, this song will always be comforting
  4. Control, Halsey
    The lyrics to this song have always been easy for me to relate to and it always helps on the bad days
  5. Reaper, Sia
    I absolutely love the sound of Sia's voice in this song it gives me chills every time
  6. Die for Alabama, Fire Kid
    I always liked this song and for some reason this week I just wanted to hear it over and over