Life in general stresses me out but here's some of the worst offenders currently
  1. The pretty big test I just remembered I have and have, of course, not studied for even a little 🙃
  2. The disturbing closeness of summer and finding a job and being far away from my friends
    I try not to think about it
  3. Theology class bc my teacher seems to be real determined to make sure I can't do well.
    I'm just a little frustrated* *by that I mean I could kill a man with no remorse
  4. I can't always tell what's real?
    Sounds weird but srsly sometimes I have no clue if something actually happened or I imagined it. It's super confusing. I second guess p much everything that happens which means I over think literally everything so that's fun
  5. My new tendency to get migraines that last all day
  6. Why is there never enough time in a day to get everything done?
  7. Yea and basically everything else in life woohoo anxiety