Normally I'm not a fan of long car rides but this is one for the books. Seriously this ride has been more eventful than like a week of my life normally
  1. Lots and lots of desert
    So much
  2. A 14 year old dachshund named Max
    He was so cute OMG I'm so blessed to have met this adorable doggy
  3. Some volcanic rock formations
    Pretty cool and fun colors
  4. A tiny desert town overrun with donkeys
    Seriously. Like a bunch of donkeys just decided to stay there one day. There's a huge group of them and they coexist with the people who live there. Now the town has a pretty good tourist draw too. It's so friggin cool like the donkeys pretty much run the town
  5. A creepy ass abandoned summer camp type place
    It's right in the middle of the desert. Literally nothing remotely close. And it looks like the setting of a horror movie it was creepy af
  6. A flinstones themed diner and mini amusement park
    Really old and run down but I bet like 30 years ago the place was poppin 😂
  7. A vintage motorcycle museum
    In some dudes attic in the donkey town. Really cool stuff
  8. A combination bar, restaurant, hotel, tourist shop, and historical exhibit
    Also in the donkey place. This place was so golden seriously they got it all