An infamous choir director at Boston Latin School
  1. Good lord this hasn't even started yet
    As you walk through the double doors and realize what is about to happen
  2. Why does my folder suck
    Because even though you are a senior and have been in bls choir for what feels like 1000000 years, you have the worst music folder in the whole choir
  3. Will he notice if I eat my goldfish
    You know he'll burn you alive if he catches you, but you're in the 4th row and he hasn't called you out since that time you fell alder in 9th grade, so why not you're hungry
  4. Wow only 20 minutes I feel like I've been standing for 10 hours
    After warmups we keep standing for a song or two and it is the longest 20 minutes of the day
  5. Lord, if I never make it out of this rehearsal please tell my family I love them
    I'm young and I still need to experience things, but right now the evidence points to this period lasting an eternity