That eventually becomes seven hours long...
  1. Read the book club book, give up because you can't get into it for some reason, read a different book
  2. Look up potential restaurants
  3. Send hella emails
  4. Catch up on back issues of theSkimm
  5. Examine each new emoji 🌮
  6. Call Capital One and dispute charge
  7. Call Audible and dispute charge
  8. File your fingernails and apply cuticle serum; consider painting your nails in the car... Ultimately decide against it because your parents would flip if you spilled a drop in the Benz
  9. Prepare for your law school interview, noting potential topics, questions, and responses on your laptop
  10. Respond to all the texts you ignored while packing
  11. Snap some random things to maintain your streaks
  12. Regret stuffing your face with Chick-fil-A because that combined with so much reading and typing is making you carsick
  13. Try to nap until you get bored
  14. Listen to the Hamilton soundtrack and maybe Beach House, even though you still don't understand what's so great about it
  15. Figure out a game plan for the law school forum
  16. Consider bringing back your #100angrydays Instagram challenge when you get stuck in a traffic jam
  17. Eat one of the bananas that your mom packed--wait, JK--eat one of the chocolate-covered caramels
  18. Get thirsty, realize you forgot to pack Perrier, and now you only have still water! Realize you are spoiled
  19. Mass message everyone you know and all friends of friends who went to law schools you're interested in for last-minute advice
  20. Read a number of articles on the evolution of civet coffee
  21. Discover that a third episode of the Limetown podcast finally released! But your cell service is too weak to stream it, curse Sprint
  22. Tell your dad that you don't need to use the restroom when you've stopped for gas... Need to go 20 minutes later
  23. Check your fantasy football team, decide it prrrobably looks good?
  24. Accidentally sit a little bit on your mom's new Chanel bag and get yelled at
  25. Book a hotel online because your family always does everything last-minute
  26. Replay the Hamilton soundtrack because it is so, so, so good
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