Visiting for Father's Day...or any holiday. So many thoughts run through our minds, ladies.
  1. Whose bedroom was this?
  2. Who else has slept in this bed?
    At least it's not the couch.
  3. Do you think they have hidden cameras?
  4. What do I do in the morning?
    What exactly does it mean to "make yourself at home"...
  5. What is in these drawers?
    ...resist the urge.
  6. Weird noise!! AH!
  7. ...damn. I have to poop. What if the toilet doesn't work??
    And what if they don't have a plunger.
  8. What if I get my period in the night?!
  9. These people could be my in laws...good or bad.
  10. What are his parents talking about?
  11. Should I wear a bra to bed?
  12. This is worse than the first night of freshman year with a random roommate