1. "Where's the meth bike?"
  2. "Take Ben's body up to the office."
  3. "Does the baby second from the right have some weight to it?"
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  4. "Martin tied the balls to the bamboo stick. I think it looks great."
  5. "What's this box? Oh it's Molly's Viagra making kit."
  6. "Go help Molly make Viagra in the kitchen."
  7. "Stop at CVS and get Colin a netti pot. He's going to be snorting a lot of lactose tonight."
  8. "Is that all they have or is there a fancier netti pot?"
  9. "Now make a box labeled 'sex lodge'"
  10. "Bring me all the sex toys that girls would use"
  11. "Find out how much 12 million in cash weighs"
  12. "Let's bring in the baby wrangler"
  13. "Is Richard here? I have his blood."
  14. "Let's get Taylor in the dick harness."
  15. "We're just cutting down the size of the hard-on because it was a little too big."
  16. "Here's the address. You're picking up 3 pigs heads and driving them to Sun Valley."
  17. "The Tapatio bottle looks too new"
  18. "How much for 200 condoms?"
  19. "I thought we had more grenades than this."