College business students have all been through the nerve wracking experience of using your network to make connections that might help you get your foot in the door at your dream job. Sometimes this leads to meeting a stranger in a coffee shop for an informational interview, which tends to go like this...
  1. Wait, what if he meant the OTHER Starbucks at this intersection?
  2. There's a third Starbucks on this block?? I'm officially screwed
  3. Ok this is for sure the right one.
  4. Should I sit? Stand by the door? Get a coffee or wait til he gets here?
  5. Ok, yeah, I'll sit at this table with a perfect view of the door and wait
  6. Let's just do a little Facebook stalking so I know who to expect..
  7. That's him that's totally him it's go time
  8. *don't be awkward *don't be awkward *don't be awkward
  9. Aaaaaaaand success. See you on LinkedIn because we are #adults