Inspired by @river
  1. Chris Issak
    I went with my mom and there were a bunch of older ladies getting wet over him
  2. David Archuleta/Demi Lovato
    was invited by a middle school friend for her birthday...we were so emo at this concert. also taylor swift was getting kinda big and we saw her and shouted "taylor! taylor!" and she walked right past us so not only were we emo but we were emo and bitter
  3. Nicki Minaj/Britney Spears
    my sister desperately wanted to see queen nicki (when she was in her super bass prime) and nicki kept going in and out of this box that looked like a telephone booth and she didnt change or outfit or nothing i hope her concerts are better now. britney spears lip synced the whole time and was doing shitty dances 0/10 would recommend the show that i saw
  4. Warped Tour
    was a great warped tour imo. i cant remember the year but i want to say '14? i saw watsky, neck deep, we the kings and had a free monster energy drink
  5. i need to see more concerts :(