I'm Working On It...

As a professional human being, My life's related 23% on rotten tomatoes
  1. Saying...words....correctly
    I just can't put a fuckin sentence together I don't know how what is grammar and why is it necessary
  2. Exercising
    I walk and lift boxes at work and I'm EXPECTED to be able to run without hyperventilating why is society like this
  3. Having less life crises
    I'm really good at being an anxious wailing lady over my future
  4. Cleaning
    Fun fact my bedroom floor doubles as a garbage dump
  5. Cooking
    The macaroni box doesn't say reduce heat after you put the pasta in so how am I supposed to know that I'm supposed to reduce the heat screw Gordon Ramsay
  6. Getting up early
    What's it like waking up before noon