sorry in advance
  1. pooping so much
    i poop after like every meal i think its my diet its not healthy
  2. skipping classes
    my failed algebra class is proof of that (& my algebra class is ONLINE.)
  3. raising my voice
    my loud voice makes me sound like a pre-teen boy goin through puberty
  4. hating this girl ive been hating since middle school
    concindentally she also had a voice that resembled a pre-teen goin through puberty but shes a bitch so fuck her
  5. spelling things terribly
    re:everything ive ever spellt in my life
  6. taking random showers for hours
    if i was a boy the suscpions would be through the roof (i just get comfy in there...sometimes i sit down)
  7. having crushes that are unattainable
    damn u teen celebs and 30 yr old men