Inspired by @brynelle
  1. Encountering the Bible--BIBL 204
    Should be called "Destroying Everything Your Church Preached About the Bible in the Hope of Making You a More Critical and Intelligent Christian but Actually Causing Crises in Thinking People"
  2. Introduction to Poetry--ENGL 122
    Should be called "That Class on Cutesy Words With That Stuck Up Department Head Whom Everyone Hates"
  3. (Spanish) Baroque and Counter-Reformation Literature--SPAN 314
    Should be called "In Which Spanish Majors Speak A Lot of English While Pretending To Speak and Read A Lot of Spanish"
  4. Created and Called For Community--IDCR 151
    Should be called "Why You Need To Pay $40,000 A Year for a Christian Liberal Arts Education For Honors Students"
  5. What Is An American? (W)--IDPL 300
    Should be called "You Need To Take An Honors Pluralism Course to Graduate, So Here, Listen to a White Man Dialogue on Race, Immigration, and Culture in the United States (You Will Write A Lot of Essays)"
  6. Introductory Statistics--STAT 269
    Should be called "A Fulfillment Of the Math General Education Requirement For Those Students Who Have No Desire To Take Calculus"