In regards to @ChrisK's Secret Santa...
  1. My Secret Santa was awesome.
  2. However, I am afraid that my Secret Santee will not be nearly as satisfied as I am.
  3. In my defense, I did get a gift based on my Santee's List profile.
    She liked a list about giving charitable gifts (MY 2015 HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE), so I donated to Heifer International on her behalf.
  4. However, the presentation of the gift was less than stellar.
  5. In order to mail the accompanying card outside of the US, I had to print the card myself...
    ...and to fit it in the envelope, I had to bend it in all sorts of unattractive ways.
  6. Even worse, I was a coward and didn't include my user name in the card.
  7. I realize now I should've included a little more than my handwritten note, probably a full on letter.
    Especially because I love writing and receiving letters! (*Smacks self on forehead*)
  8. So, my dear Santee (I will tag you when I think you have received the card), I am sorry for the disappointing gift. Maybe I can make it up to you on your birthday!?
  9. Much love, Hannah