In lieu of the usual List App Prayer Requests, I'd just like to offer up some of the prayer journaling I did today. Sometimes we like to think of God as the mop for our little messes, and he certainly is capable of working in the narrative of our personal lives. But friends, he is so much more. (A small essay.)
  1. Dear Father of silver streams, warm earth, and Easter wings.
  2. Words are not close enough to you.
  3. Images come closer, and deeds closer still, to your character, but there is no way for me to fully praise you except through you.
  4. There is no way to understand you except to probe and push and passionately pursue you, even as you seem to move further away.
  5. You are a God simple and complex, hidden and revealed.
  6. You are the soil, furrowed gently, that cradles the river in its banks.
  7. You are the rippling, running water rushing forward.
  8. You are the bridge spanning one bank to the other, linking what seems definitively separated.
  9. You connected body and soul; you stitched them together within me.
  10. Because you've made me, you understand the depth of sin that permeates me.
  11. But more importantly, you understand the Spirit that restores me--YOU ARE the spark that revives.
  12. I am a small thing.
  13. There are too many ideas I do not understand and too many gifts I claim as my rights.
  14. Remind me constantly of the life you lived, the death you died.
  15. Remind me of the divine logic that seems to be human foolishness, that which drove you to mortality.
  16. Remind me of the fathomless love from which
  17. neither height nor depth,
  18. neither angels nor demons,
  19. neither present nor future,
  20. neither powers nor anything in all creation
  21. can separate me.
  22. You are the God of little things, but Father, of this I am convinced:
  23. You are glorious in the arc of creation-fall-redemption into which you have swept all things, even this little thing.
  24. I love because you first loved me.
  25. And only in your name I pray,
  26. Amen.