1. Swedish Pancakes
    I have legit fantasies about making these for my future husband the morning after our wedding
  2. Pickled Cucumbers
    So simple yet so elegant! Maybe made with dill I grow in a window box!
  3. Swedish Meatballs
    The day I master the meatball is the day I am truly self-sufficient
  4. Pepparkakor
    The only good ginger cookie
  5. Spätzle
    @ab__normality and I can labor over this with glasses of white wine, old movies, and low light
  6. Turnovers
    I gotta find the right kind of jam first, but these are too legit to quit
  7. Coffeebread
    I have yet to be initiated into this tradition. But the day will come, and I will be ready. #CardamomForever
  8. Apple Pie
    Our recipe is PERFECT
  9. German Potato Salad
    Your mayo-based potato salads can SUCK IT
  10. Hot Fudge
    My aunt has this recipe that no one talks about anymore because it busted my parents' stove, but I'm ready to bring it back
  11. Monkey Bread
    Childhood mems 💕
  12. Jewish Apple Cake
    It has ORANGE JUICE in it!! ORANGE JUICE!!
  13. Oma's Punch
    Cranberry juice, orange juice, sparkling apple cider
  14. Camp potatos
    Once I learn how to grill
  15. Lakeside chicken
    Simple but an unbeatable grilled sandwich
  16. Chocolate tops
    Lemon cookie, chocolate icing with hints of orange 🍊🍫😍