Here's an introduction to my mind while I wait for a tardy English professor
  1. Dang, I wish this guy was an early bird. His email said he would be here all morning, but by that he probably meant 10:00 and onward.
  2. I have chapel then. I really like chapel, to be honest.
  3. (I think the student body chaplain is kinda hot) The worship is great, they speak on really cool and relevant topics...
  4. Like the global church.
  5. I want to be part of that. Leave the states, teach abroad, worship in a different country and call a different culture home.
  6. How cool would it be to live in Spain?
  7. Alicia's going to study abroad in Spain. I'm kind of jealous, but I just can't justify studying there.
  8. Chile is such a better option. They speak real, relevant Spanish in Chile.
  9. Plus, I mean, Valparaiso 😍 IM GOING TO LIVE THERE.
  10. The next year cannot go by fast enough. Chile, Chile, Chile 💃🏻
  11. Everyone reading this list is going to think I'm weird.
  12. I hope my family never finds out about List. That would be unfortunate.
  13. My mom would be so pissed that I'm friends with STRANGERS on the INTERNET.
  14. Is this professor ever going to get here? I really want to talk about my English minor.
  15. I love English. I love literature. I love poetry. #nerd
  16. The guy down the hall just said something along the lines of "this evangelical thing going on right now..."
  17. Only at Christian college.
  18. If only Christian college PROFESSORS didn't LIE in their EMAILS and say they would be here in the MORNING when obviously they are not showing up anytime soon 😒
  19. I'm put out.
  20. And a bit grumpy.
  21. I shouldn't publish lists when I'm grumpy.
  22. Oh well.