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    Looking at your lists gives me such joy.
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    You are a woman doing good work.
    Journalism, activism, self care. Thanks for such an example 💕
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    It's been my honor to march alongside women like you!
  4. •
    And it's an honor to continue to learn from you as we lean in and make everyday decisions for a better world.
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    Decisions like public history projects,
  6. •
    speaking out in defense of healthcare,
  7. •
    immigrant solidarity rallies,
  8. •
  9. •
  10. •
  11. •
    and volunteering.
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    You are capable of big thoughts and big love.
    This I believe.
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    You translate those thoughts and that love into small, everyday actions.
    This I believe.
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    Those actions are building the foundation of a fairer world.
    This I believe.
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    So keep loving widely and deeply, on yourself and on everyone around you, even when you are tired. Even when the energy for that love has to come from outside of yourself.
    Thank you for your obvious belief in that love.
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    Keep up the Good Work. 💖💖💖
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    There's this great song called "Heartbreak Dreamers" on Mat Kearney's album Just Kids. It incorporates "Shake the Dust" and I think you will love it.