I mean this is pretty 📂📂📂 but I like it. Enjoy my personal geography, li.st
  1. Fenway Park
    I came here with my dad for my thirteenth birthday. He bought me whatever junk food/souvenirs I wanted, and I'm pretty sure the Red Sox beat the Yankees. It was a brisk May night in an old ball park, and I became, for better or worse, a New England girl that night.
  2. Brown's
    This farmer's market in my home town sweet and simple and full of good things—apples, peaches, sugar cakes, coffee. They grow most of what they sell, and it is all delicious. When I worked here, I could eat bruised fruit for free, so I snacked on mottled plums and squished apricots for my entire shift. Their apple cider tastes like the nectar of angels.
  3. Mrs. Connelly's Seminar room
    Seminar was my PA school's gifted program. Mrs. Connelly, our gifted teacher, was the woman who taught me self-confidence and imagination and empathy. Hers was the room I fled to when I had breakdowns in the eighth grade. Hers was the room I felt safe and challenged in all at once. Her deep patience and kindness set her apart as an educator, and I will always value the safe space she created for me.
  4. Mike Wazowski
    The name of my green 2001 VW Bug. Learning to drive was a huge step for me in becoming confident and free, both in my schedule and in my thinking. It's a safe place, my refuge after work and my favorite space for dance parties. Plus, there's something about mastering a standard transmission that makes you feel like a real woman, ya know?
  5. Shrewsbury Public Library
    This place allowed me to feel at home within two days of moving to a strange New England town. Libraries in central Mass aren't just literary spaces, they're communal spaces—people tutor and study and socialize among these shelves. The key to this welcoming space is its location in the center of town, where everyone can converge and partake in the wonder of books/magazines/movies/newspapers/free wifi. The library, with books both old and new, made me feel like I belonged before I actually did.
  6. Chick & Ruth's Delly
    I am inexplicably attached to this greasy little cafe frequented by minor MD politicians in the middle of Annapolis. I read about it in a Meg Cabot book once, and since my grandparents live in the capital, they gladly bring my siblings and me here anytime we ask. I just find it to be such a low key cheesy staple of an otherwise preppy sailing city.
  7. Quincy Market
    MY MIND IS BLOWN EVERY TIME I WALK IN HERE 👅😍 it's busy and diverse and never ending and there's always something new. 10/10 must see for Boston.
  8. The Yellow Breeches
    This is the creek that runs through my college campus, and I think I do my best introspection here. I've had many a deep nighttime conversations and prayed many heartfelt prayers along these banks. In the spring and summer it is green and lush and beautiful; in the autumn it is musky and eloquent; in the winter it is silver and hushed. I am hard pressed to think of a place in PA that I love more.