This is like the wonky thing suburban families always do at the dinner table...Share your high for the day! Share your low!
  1. High: Getting Christian kids from my public school to engage with faith
    Seeing as they'd lived in New England their whole lives, it never occurred to these kids that they could have Christian friends outside of church. Sometimes it never occurred to them that they could talk about Jesus outside of church. Getting people to realize that faith is a communal thing was pretty cool.
  2. Low: The cold
    Early 2015 was frigid enough to freeze hell over. Yuuuuuck.
  3. High: my prom dress
    I still can't believe I got to wear this dress. Like, that's ME in the friggin dress looking like minor British nobility. That's right, I'm the Duchess of Wildly Attractive Know-It-Alls. (Also, there's my dad; he's cute too)
  4. Low: Having to jump start my car at least twice
    My sister also had an incident with the battery while I was at school. NO, MIKE WAZOWSKI, YOU MAY NOT DIE
  5. High: Graduating
    And giving a speech 😏 *waves to the haters, of which there were a few*
  6. Low: Working
    So. Much. Wegmans. All. The. Time.
  7. High: First Kiss
    I can finally join the ranks of quasi-experienced women everywhere!
  8. Low: Every subsequent kiss
    Did nothing to make me closer to the guy or to Jesus, just made me way too attached to the "relationship" as an ideal. (Although I did learn that kissing is fun)
  9. High: Reading as much as I wanted in college
    I haven't read this much since grade school and I LOVE IT
  10. Low: September
    Just all of September. Bad, bad time.
  11. High: Meeting the COOLEST PEOPLE EVER
    Soul Squad, I'm lookin at you 💖
  12. Low: Leaving my sister
    This was so rough, in ways I can't begin to describe.
  13. High: Early December
    I was actually happy in college! Imagine! Settled and satisfied and ready to take on the micro-world that is Messiah.
  14. A crazy year, in all.