Thank you so much @Amzie and @amieshmamie!!!!!
  1. Look at all the stamps on my package
    😆😆😆 I am such a fan. Such a fan.
  2. And inside was this cute little card...
    With an encouraging note inside
  3. ...and these SLIPPERS
    I am in love. They're adorable. Also, they are so well timed because my feet got *soaked* walking through the rain barefoot because I wore v painful shoes. So my sore and cold feet were very appreciative.
  4. ...and CHOCOLATE...
    Yeah, it's already open. Sorry not sorry.
  5. ...and this delicious looking Hazelnut COFFEE...
    Instant is actually *perfect* because I need a faster way to make coffee for my student teaching!
  6. ...and these twisty colored PENCILS...
    18!!! So cool!!!
  7. ...and this beautiful COLORING book!!
    Much beautiful. Very destress. Wow.
  8. Thank you @Amzie!! You are an angel of light.
  9. And thank you @amieshmamie for organizing this! And accepting my late email!
    Y'all make me believe in kindness. 💜