Maybe this is too deep for 11 AM on Wednesday morning, but here it is anyway, flying out into the List App Universe
  1. Living in Suburbia for the remainder of my life
    I equate Suburbia with apathy
  2. Creatures with more than 4 legs
    🕷&🐜&🐝&🐞&🦂& even 🐛 just EWWWW
  3. Childbirth
    So either you go through the greatest pain on the planet or you get a giant needle stuck in your back. Sure, the result is great! You have a kid! But that doesn't mean the process isn't TERRIFYING
  4. Losing my Spanish
    this would high key be the worst thing ever
  5. Never learning a third language
    (Or a fourth...or a fifth...)
  6. Breaking my own rules
    Because that means admitting I was (or I am) wrong
  7. Materialism & Nihilism
    To me personally, staring into the void would be unimaginably painful
  8. I'm not as smart as I think I am
    ...and conversely...
  9. I'm too much of a know-it-all for my own good
  10. Hair in the shower
  11. My lack of common sense
  12. The church failing to live up to the gospel
  13. Donald Trump
  14. Not recognizing my privilege
    As a white, straight, middle-class, college-aged woman, this is a very real possibility.
  15. Losing my old friends
  16. Jerks who act like women are pieces of meat/property even though this is the TWENTY FIRST CENTURY
    I can't trust you to be rational or reasonable. You make me angry, and you make me afraid.
  17. That my poetry sucks