is not for groceries, but...

@bjnovak @dev @list you've brought this upon yourselves. You may have changed your slogan but I WILL STILL SASS YOU
  1. My List:
    because I am an Adult and can buy groceries for my mom all by myself
  2. choc. pudding (2)
    (@AliciaNF26 note the Jesus sandals)
  3. Fr. mustard (1)
    "Fr. stands for French's," my mother informed me before I left.
  4. hamb. rolls (1)
    These were like 2/$3 WOW
  5. extra sharp (1) block cheddar
    Ft. $.50 off coupon
  6. 1 doz lg eggs
    Mom's shaking it up—no numbers in parentheses this time. Not sure how I feel about this stylistic decision
  7. large trash bags ^(2)
    I had to ask for these at the cash register. My town makes you pay for garbage removal by only accepting trash in these fancy, expensive town bags—BUT RECYCLING IS FREE 🎉😍
  8. mini choc. chips
    Last item on the list, first item I bought
  9. ••••••••
  10. afterwards I bought caramel iced coffee to congratulate myself on adulting so well
    And also to fend off a caffeine headache