My birthday is this weekend, and @AliciaNF26 @miathurber @steph_lessthan3 celebrated by getting me the best $ store goody bag ever !!!!
  1. Look at this cute bag for the future teacher (feat. Miriam's tongue 👅)
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  2. Pens👌🏼
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  3. FOOD
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  4. A harmonica! (Which, in keeping with the inside joke, should be a train whistle, but the store was out. So they did their best💕)
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  5. An incredibly clazzy poster
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  6. Inspiration for when Miriam and I go continent-hopping
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  8. Little smelly jelly things! (In keeping with tradition)
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  9. Thank you notes! Yes !!!
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  10. I mean, what more can you ask for?? #truelove
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  11. Squishy model shtuff
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  12. And a thoughtful card that they DEFINITELY signed BEFORE I opened the gift ;)
  13. Thanks squadlings ❤️ love you babes!
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