Inspired by @chrisfon and @Boogie—I cannot describe the depths to which I love this trend. Let's do this.
  1. Not shaving and learning to love it
  2. Bitten fingernails and raw hangnails
  3. Floofy, wispy, wavy hair
  4. The ability to quickly and often effortlessly prove that I am indeed smarter than you
  5. Laptop stickers
  6. Vulnerable and affectionate when tired
  7. Polite, brainy ice queen the rest of the day
  8. Chapstick (lipstick on Sundays)
  9. Wedges
    I don't currently own a pair like these, but they are v on brand
  10. Gross, ironic text lingo, i.e. "gr8"
  11. A desire for children coupled with a fear of pregnancy
  12. Respect for adults
  13. Love of books
  14. Obsession with all forms of coffee
  15. Photo shoots