My Favorite Songs From Each of Jon Foreman's EPs

I've been #obsessed recently
  1. Fall: "Equally Skilled"
    Both of His hands are equally skilled at showing me mercy
  2. Winter: "Learning How to Die"
    She said "Friend, all along thought I was learning how to take, how to bend not how to break"
  3. Spring: "Baptize My Mind"
    For these seeds to give birth to life, first they must die
  4. Summer: "Resurrect Me"
    I know what it's like on a Saturday night to be alone on a crowded street
  5. The Wonderlands: Sunlight: "Patron Saint of Rock and Roll"
    Where the Mercedes drive away muttering "Druggies, drunks, and whores" / Where the bumper sticker displays "My Copilot is the Lord"
  6. The Wonderlands: Shadows: "Fake Your Own Death"
    I don't wanna lose you honey, but every story has an ending / When I die I know your love's gonna follow me
  7. The Wonderlands: Darkness: "She Said"
    I've been waiting for the new eyes to arrive one breath at a time
  8. The Wonderlands: Dawn: "Mercy's War"
    I was hoping for silver spoons when you handed me a sword—Oh, the wonderful blood of Jesus