1. O Caffeine! How thou dost torture me
  2. With thy sweet promises of relief from drowsiness
  3. And thy alluring form, changeable yet always tempting.
  4. O Coffee! O Macchiato! O Dark Chocolate! O Diet Coke!
  5. What false off'rings you hold forth, lying innocently
  6. In thy gentle hands. Gentle, yes, thou art
  7. And selfless enough thou seemest, until that dreaded moment
  8. When thou dost abandon me, and leave me prostrate
  9. and Hopeless on the ground. What a fickle lover thou art,
  10. Flighty Caffeine, faithless and abusing.
  11. My poor soul didst lie in thine loveless arms!
  12. And now I have tasted true defeat, having succumbed to thy charms.