1. French kissing
  2. "Grown up" novels
  3. Star Wars: The Force Awakens
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    The girl power (and the girl crush) is real 😍
  4. White Tea
  5. Staying up past midnight
    Best friends required for this one
  6. Flannel-lined leggings
  7. List App
    Sure beats grocery lists, ya gotta admit
  8. Shopping at IKEA
    Turns out furniture is fun
  9. Messiah College
  10. Decaf coffee
  11. VSCOcam
    I always forget how dang useful this app is
  12. Vacation at the lake
  13. Thunderstorms
  14. Smoothies with vegetables in them
  15. Bastille
  16. Christian music festivals
    Sound lame but are actually great
  17. Abraham Lincoln
  18. Spotify
  19. Driving stick shift
  20. Dance parties with yourself
  21. This past autumn
  22. The last Harry Potter movie
  23. Anything written by C. S. Lewis
    (I love Clive)