I've had this for a while under the title FACTS THAT HAVE A FURTHER-REACHING INFLUENCE IN MY SUBCONSCIOUS THAN YOU MIGHT EXPECT (but this is catchier). Originated with @ShawnKelly
  1. My parents are both engineers.
  2. A friend told me in second grade to keep my ugly yellow teeth away from her.
  3. I am the oldest child.
  4. My best friend told me what a "crush" was on the playground as if it were something you should always have.
  5. I read more books in elementary school than I've had friends in my entire life.
  6. My parents asked me to change a poem I wrote in seventh grade because the word "ecstasy" was too sexual.
  7. My dad's blood type is Caffeine.
  8. My first boyfriend told me he wanted to stay together when we left for college.
    Spoiler alert: He actually didn't.
  9. I moved halfway through eleventh grade and learned to put on a people face.
  10. I graduated valedictorian.
  11. My uncle gave me a copy of Switchfoot's Hello Hurricane for Christmas when I was 12.
  12. My parents hate cities.
  13. My dad tried to teach me political conservatism when I was 13, and I pretended to understand for five years.
  14. I was mean to my little brother.
  15. My mother has always told me that my brain is too intimidating for boys to handle.
  16. When I was little I thought I had a baby growing inside me already, that I would carry her for my entire life and she would just come out when she was ready.
  17. My first part time job was at a family-owned fruit orchard and farmer's market.
  18. My cousin is a Spanish teacher.
  19. I had a youth group who taught me to both love and fear the church.
  20. My sister.