*platonically, mostly
  1. I talk about other people I love
    When somebody I love meets someone else I love and they love each other, I am happy.
  2. I bug you
    ...to hang out, to answer a question for me, to let me borrow something. Take this as a sign that I am confident in your affection even if you have to say no.
  3. I speak Spanish to you
    Yes, I know you probably won't understand (unless you're @AliciaNF26 or a native speaker), but it's just so beautiful that I think you, who are also beautiful, ought to be sharing in this language.
  4. I talk about ideas
    As a general rule, I know that my head is a scary place and that most people are more comfortable talking about events than hypotheticals. If I get philosophical on you, it's because I've gotten tired of the 🐠💩 and want to move on to the good stuff with you.
  5. I invade your space
    Not in a violating way but definitely in a let-me-watch-your-Netflix-and-eat-your-food-and-store-my-plants-on-your-windowsill type of way (@miathurber).
  6. I give you a nickname
    Even if you hate it, you're stuck with it. I might not use it out loud anymore, but in my head you're still stuck with it. Example 1: @ab__normality equals Rizzo. Example 2: @steph_lessthan3 equals Steef.
  7. I let you touch my books
    It was a big deal for me to let my brother take Cursed Child. Now @pascalspronk has it and @miathurber took my copy of Ava Lavender and I'm kinda panicking (but only a little).
  8. I am thrilled to participate in major life events with you
    I cannot wait to be a bridesmaid for @steph_lessthan3 (in like less than two years!!) and to be roommates in DC with @miathurber and to raise a fish with @AliciaNF26 (Yes, our fish is a major life event)
  9. We talk about traveling together
    We don't have to do it—But if I can even hypothesize about spending that much time in a car with you, I love you a whole lot.
  10. I sing around you
    Most of the time, I will even be considerate enough to sing something you can sing along to!